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General assembly drawing for Sea Wolf.

Stable, high performance kayaks.

Our Absolute Wooden Kayaks are high performance sea kayaks, built from our kayak kits and designed for discriminating paddlers who prefer the beauty, lightweight and efficiency of a wooden kayak.

Because of the improved stability, excellent tracking ability and the ability to easily carve a turn, in general, the nice handling, we've chosen to go with a hard chine design. Hard chines enable us to take advantage of the excellent qualities of special marine plywood resulting in lighter and stronger kayaks than those built by other procedures. The clean bow entry and long water line enables our kayaks to move through the water with almost no wake. An upswept bow lifts over most waves, offering a dryer ride.

Stitch and glue construction.

Our well proven design is built using the Stitch and Glue process. Using our in-house design method enables us to create the fine bow entry and the exceptionally efficient hull shape.

These kayak kits are built using the highest quality grades of wood and other materials available. The hull and deck are fabricated from the finest marine grade BS 1088 mahogany plywood we can buy. A varnish finish on the beautiful African mahogany deck will bring out the beauty and contrasting colors of the wood. Alternatively, a completely natural finish creates a stunningly beautiful kayak

These are without doubt amongst the most beautiful wood kayaks on the water, drawing admiring glances wherever they venture. And they are tough, able to withstand rough conditions and long expeditions.

Wood is nature's universal construction material. It's stronger, tougher, stiffer, more durable, lighter and more resilient than fiberglass or plastic. It's the ideal material for your beautiful touring or sea kayak. With a little care, it'll last a lifetime, and beyond.

Accurate and strong finger joints.

Wherever the hull panels of our kayak kits must be joined, a specially designed and incredibly strong finger joint has already been cut into the panels. This joint is the result of lengthy research and trials. Scarf joints on thin plywood panels such as used in building our kayaks, are first of all tricky to cut accurately, they may not leave a nice straight and well defined line and they can slide around too much, making it difficult to align. Butt joints will align better in one direction than scarf joints, but they require more work as they need to be backed up with something. If not carefully done, they can leave a flat spot on the finished panel. Our finger joint accurately aligns in both directions, (it can't do anything else) quickly and without hassle. It also looks great if you want to bright finish your hull. To see what our finger looks like, go to the Photo Gallery.

What's included in your kit?

For more information on what's included, click on Kit details Our kayak kits are built with hatches that can be omitted if you prefer. Permanent plywood bulkheads ensure perfect hull shape and alignment as well as providing forward and aft flotation chambers or storage compartments. Some designs use foam for bulkheads, the shape of which is often determined by trial and error, and then they're fitted after the hull is assembled. These are very difficult to seal and don't contribute much to shape, strength, or alignment as you build. Others use temporary forms which are removed after the hull is built. Our experience shows us that our built in bulkheads not only improve strength, but ensure accuracy and proper hull shape. Because they also stiffen the hull, they contribute considerably to hull efficiency making it easier to paddle.

Some paddlers prefer to use a rudder. For those that do, we include a preliminary rudder installation kit with every kayak kit. This enables the builder to install everything needed for a rudder, as you're building, when it is easier to install. This rudder installation kit includes plastic cable sleeves, clips to keep them in place, a foolproof and very neat method of installing the cable sleeves so that they will always remain watertight. You can then easily install a rudder at any time you want to without any hassle. If you don't install a rudder the parts you've already installed won't show.

Really comfortable.
Click here to check out our seat system.

Our kayak kits also include full thickness Minicell foam seat, seat back and hip pads. Complete instructions are included to enable you to customize the seat to fit you properly, allowing you to paddle for hours without cramping up.

KEEPERS Adjustable foot braces are included.

Complete deck rigging with all fittings are also included.

We are dedicated to offering the most beautiful, efficient, and lightweight sea-kayaks that you can build or buy.

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